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Hurricane Simulator

Unleash death and destruction on North America!

In Hurricane Simulator, your goal is to guide hurricanes to various cities using the meteorological features of the Atlantic and eastern Pacific oceans. Place systems of high and low pressure to steer your hurricane over warm water and hit the target with maximum intensity. Made for the 2023 UDC Gamejam. Download it here.

Follow the Sky

A relaxing endless game with limited control.

Navigate your astronaut around an array of obstacles, but beware: he only follows the sky. Control the sky line, and the astronaut's momentum, to lead him to safety. Made for the Winter 2023 VGDC Gamejam. Download it here.


A simple arcade game for unlimited fun.

Arrows is a game in which the player controls a bird that has to avoid falling arrows. As the game progresses, arrows fall faster, shoot from the sides, and lock on to the player's location. Powerups and boosters such as slowdown and teleport can help the player avoid the arrows. There are 5 levels and an endless mode. Download it here.

Escape from the Soviet Union

A puzzle/strategy game where you lead a spy to safety across the Iron Curtain.

You are an American spy working in Moscow, but you have been exposed. With the KGB on your tail, you need to flee the USSR immediately. Avoiding KGB agents, can you make it to friendly territory?. Download it here.


A simple but elegant puzzle game.

Connect the start and end nodes with nodes of your own, while being careful to avoid obstacles. There are 5 levels of increasing difficulty. Download it here.

To The Ground!

An innovative strategy game in which you literally fan the flames.

Use your control over the winds to spread fires across major cities worldwide, while evading and outsmarting firefighters. There are currently 4 levels, though more may soon be released. Made for the 2022 Github GameOff. Download it here.

Mare Nostrum

A semi-random strategy game that's all about damage control.

You are Gneius Pompeius Magnus, and your task for the Roman Senate is to clear the Mediterranean of its piratical curse. You must share power with your crew, however, and they aren't the brightest. Can you see the mission through? Made for the 2022 GMTK Gamejam. Download it here.

Easy Language Keyboards

It's now much easier to type special characters in Spanish and Portuguese.

There's no more need to deal with cumbersome alt keys, copy-pasting, or changing keyboards. Easy Language Keyboards make it easy to type any special character in just seconds. Download it here.

Gravity Sling

A gravitational puzzle.

Use the gravities of various planets to bring the space probe home. Make sure to avoid crashing into planets or getting flung into deep space! Download it here.

Blind Fire

An innovative platformer game.

In Blind Fire, the player can see either the platforms, or the enemies, but not both at the same time. Use your wits to make your way through carefully crafted levels, fighting off your attackers all the while. Made for the 2023 San Diego Collegiate Jam. Download it here.

Science Bowl Moderator Suite

A tool suite that greatly simplifies Science Bowl moderation.

The Science Bowl Moderator Suite provides an array of useful moderator tools. It allows mods to keep track of player points, which automatically updates team scores. When a game is finished, the app records a copy of the game in a text file. The game save includes team scores, individual scores, date, and time. Download it here.

Keyboard Buzzer

A fix for buzzer issues in online buzzer systems.

The Keyboard Buzzer allows players to buzz on Coba and Buzzin with either the A or Enter key. This sidesteps bugs in both buzzer systems that can sometimes cause the spacebar to stop functioning as the buzzer. Download it here.